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Cummings And Love - 1429 Words

E.E. Cummings and Love Love is a concept that continues to fascinate, frighten, and inspire the world, which has resulted in countless films, visual art, and literature that is based solely around it. Every other song playing on the radio or movie that comes to theaters will more than likely contain love related themes. The universality of love is what makes it so addictive, be it romantic or platonic. Human desire and longing tends to be translated into the arts, resulting in some of the most beautiful works ever crafted, the theme being so widely understood. The craft of poetry is considered to be so impressive because of the poet’s ability to condense a complex idea into a limited amount of words, and still get the message across to the†¦show more content†¦On the other hand, many might not realize that this was intentional. When scanning over one of his poems, the mere format of Cummings’ works can shock the reader, but when the poem is actually read, the impact of it is much more meaningful. In [i carry your heart with me(i carry it in], there are three main stanzas and single lines of text after the first and last full stanzas. This is not as â€Å"peculiar† as some of the structures of his many other poems, but when one delves into it they will begin to see his mark. In somehwere I have never traveled, gladly beyond, when skimming, it appears to have a normal poem format with five, four lined stanzas, but similar to the previous poem, Cummings’ trademark style can be found within the text. Both of these poems explore the feeling of being deeply in love with someone and the effects that come with this emotion. [i carry your heart with me(i carry it in] is shorter and uses less metaphors than somehwere I have never traveled, gladly beyond, but is just as effective with his employme nt of parentheses and word placement to personify the emotions he expresses in the poem. Some might even say that it is more straightforward and blunt than the other, because in somewhere I have never travelled, gladly beyond his thoughts seem to be less organized and somewhat scattered. The line â€Å"i carry your heart(i carry it in my heart)† demonstrates his constructive use of punctuation wellShow MoreRelatedLove, Somewhere I Have Never Traveled By E. Cummings965 Words   |  4 Pagesdevelopmental concepts of love throughout history. The idea of true love has always been a widely debated topic with opposition and debate on both sides. Some people are skeptics, others hopeless romanticists and then there are those that have conflicted opinions about the subject. Until recent years, romantic relationships based on love has been entirely nonexistent. The phenomenon of true love is, in fact, a new ideology that has taken storm in society. In the past, true love was an unkno wn conceptRead MoreE.E. Cummings and His Wondrous Works634 Words   |  3 PagesEdward Estlin Cummings was born on October 14, 1894 in Cambridge, Massachusetts. Cummings began writing his poems as early as ten years old. His unique ideas and various poetic devices that were included in his poetry induced him to be one of the most remembered poets of modern day time. E.E. Cummings was an intriguing poet that is known for many poetic ideas. Among them, Cummings was known for his ability to create meaning using structure and his avant garde approach towards language. In his workRead MoreHow EE Cummings Experiences Influences His Poetry Essay994 Words   |  4 PagesEE Cummings was and is still one of the most well-regarded and unique poets of all time. His poems were unusual, but his strange way of writing is what grabbed people’s attention and made him so special. Many incidents in Cummings’ life affected his poetry, his experiences and his personality, which could cle arly be observed in the poems he wrote. Cummings became such a well-known poet due to the effect of his life events on his poetry, his peculiar writing style and his strong connection with theRead MoreThe Unique Writing Styles of E.E. Cummings626 Words   |  3 PagesThe Unique Writing Styles of E.E. Cummings Edward Estlin Cummings was born on October 14, 1894 in Cambridge, Massachusetts. E.E. Cummings is most noted for his distinct lack of stylistic and structural conformity and was generally self-published for much of his career; it was only in the 1940s and 1950s that his writing became more popular. Cumming’s unique writing style is precise and uses key words to describe parts of his poems. These words are often times words that Cumming’s made up or madeRead MorePoem Analysis : Somewhere I Have Never Travelled 1056 Words   |  5 PagesEdward Estlin Cummings born in 1894 in Cambridge Massachusetts, was at his time of death in September 1962 the second most widely read poet in America. Many of his well-known poems were written in the Modernist period. This essay looks at one of his poems ‘somewhere i have never travelled, gladly beyond’ written in this movement from a critical perspective, to establish whether Cummings poem really followed the poetic featur es that are characteristic of Modernist poetry, to what extent, and if theRead MoreE.E. Cummings: Defender of Individualism and Non-Conformity1655 Words   |  7 PagesE.E. Cummings- Defender of Individualism and Non-Conformity E. E. Cummings established himself as one of the greatest poets of the twentieth century, triumphing in hundreds of poems that struck his readers with a sense of awe and imagination. Cummings poems stand out among other poems as amazingly unique. Cummings was a staunch advocator of the individual, going against the grain of traditional, conformist poet. Cummings experimented with words on a page to make pictures and called it poetry;Read MoreE.E. Cummings Edward Estlin Cummins was born in Cambridge, Massachusetts, on October 14, 1894 and800 Words   |  4 PagesE.E. Cummings Edward Estlin Cummins was born in Cambridge, Massachusetts, on October 14, 1894 and died on September 3, 1962 in, New Hampshire. He was 67 and was buried at Forest hills Cemetery. He was married twice very briefly, his first wife was Elaine Orr, but their marriage started off as a love affair in 1918 while she was also married to Scofirled Thayer, one of Cummings friend from Harvard. During the course of their marriage Cummings wrote a lot of erotic poetry. During the affair theyRead MoreE.E. Cummings Poem I Carry your Heart with Me1225 Words   |  5 Pages E.E Cummings’ poem â€Å" i carry your heart with me(i carry it in)† show’s exactly what people truly feel, it’s as if he yanked someones feelings straight from their heart and put them on paper. This poem is the best explanation of true love, that there is. He says, that this woman is his love, he will love her forever, and no matter how far she may be from him, she will still be in his heart. Nothing could ever make his feelings for her fade away. When someone really truly loves someone, nothingRead MoreA Brief Biography of E.E. Cummings688 Words   |  3 PagesE.E. Cummings named the most popular voice of the twentieth century. His death struck the world and saddened many. Cumming, who wrote nearly 2900 poems, had a rather hard life. He inspired many to write poems. E.E. Cummings was born on October 14, 1894 in Cambridge, Massachusetts (E.E Cummings, 1). Cummings began was an early developer and learner and began writing around the age of 10 (1). He was the son of Rebecca Haswell Clarke and Edward Cummings (Berry, S.L. 29). He had one sisterRead MoreEssay about E.E. Cummings612 Words   |  3 PagesEdward Estlin Cummings is a famous poet and novelist. A true man of the arts, he also enjoyed playwrights, painting, and drawing. His lifetime lasting from 1894-1962 was vivaciously lived! He spent a large portion of his life in his birth state, Massachusetts, although certain life events lead him beyond the United States. Cummings served in the U.S. Army during World War I, and was a volunteer in an ambulance unit as well. A great portion of his life was also dedicated to his Harvard education

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