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Understanding The Underlying Cultural Value Between An...

The ability for an outsider to accurately discern about the underlying cultural values of an organization by analyzing symbols, ceremonies, dress, or other observables aspects is more difficult than for an insider with several years of work experience (Lukasova, 2004). The difference in understanding the underlying cultural value between an outsider and an insider will vary from organization to organization and how often an employee interacts with an outsider. The Hofstede Centre (n.d.) defines culture as the â€Å"collective mental programming of the human mind which distinguishes one group of people from another.† Chipulu, Ojiako, Gardiner, Williams, Mota, Maguire, Shou, Stamai, and Marshall (2014), note that â€Å"culture can be at once tangible and observable; latent and unobservable; or even an abstraction altogether† (p. 367). Culture therefore has many dimensions. Some aspects of culture can be observed by analyzing symbols, ceremonies, dress, and other aspect s. On the other hand, some aspects are not observable from the outside, but have to be experienced. Looking only from the outside gives us only a glimpse into the culture values. A large part of culture is the unwritten rules of how things are done. This part of culture is not necessarily observable to an outsider. To fully understand the cultural values of an organization, you need to be inside the organization with access to those with years of work experiences. Geert Hofstede is most famously known for hisShow MoreRelatedShaping Attitudes And Behaviors Within An Organization Essay1308 Words   |  6 Pagesorganization, culture is the underlying values, beliefs, assumptions, and norms that contribute to a unique organizational social structure where members interact, work with each other, and accomplish goals (Daft, 2016; Sergui, 2015). Additionally, the visible structures, systems, slogans, behaviors, and physical settings are the observable cultural symbols that communicate what an organization values. An insider would have greater awareness and discernment of the internal cultural elements and subculturesRead MoreThe Cultural Values Of An Organization Essay1615 Words   |  7 PagesChapter 10: Do you think it is possible for an outsider to accurately discern about the underlying cultural values of an organization by analyzing symbols, ceremonies, dress, or other observable aspects of culture in comparison to an insider with several years of work experience? Select a percentage (e.g., 10%, 70%, etc.) and explain your reasoning. Organizational Culture An organization’s values and norms that guide decisions and are shared throughout the members is the culture of the organizationRead MoreCultural Values : Culture And Culture1429 Words   |  6 PagesCultural Values Culture, as described by Daft (2016), â€Å"provides people with a sense of organizational identity and generates in them a commitment to beliefs and values that are larger than themselves† (p.387). Because culture is present at different levels, 40% of a company’s cultural values can be ascertained by visible elements. An outsider can speculate as to the basic culture within an organization by observing dress code, organizational structure, practiced rites of passage, and types ofRead MoreThe Effects Of Domestic Violence On The United States1634 Words   |  7 Pagesunderstand their culture and way of life. Taking an objective look at another culture without being somewhat biased can be a difficult task. This being the case, we must examine culture by using emic and etic perspectives. An emic perspective is an insider views; observing the culture from within the culture itself. An etic perspective is an outsider’s view of a culture; evaluating the culture th rough the eyes of someone who is not part of the culture. Therefore, I will use the etic perspective, overRead MoreDiscuss the nature and strategic relevance of the Air France-KLM merger. Should Air France-KLM create new partnerships or acquisitions?1585 Words   |  7 Pagesorder to get a better understanding of the nature of Air France-KLM merger it is beneficial to analyse the strategic impact of relevant relational actors in their industry context. Porter (1980) and Reve (1990) as citied in De Wit and Meyer (2010: 366 -368) identify the four main categories of relationships between the firm and other industry parties as follows: Upstream vertical (supplier) relations, downstream vertical (buyer) relations, direct horizontal (industry insider) relations and indirectRead MoreCultural Differences Between Social Systems And Human Relationships1614 Words   |  7 Pagesit be their own society’s views that shaped how they view the world, or the backlash their ethnography created or even plain and simple cultural differences. Anthropo logy tries to account for the social and cultural variation in the world, but an important part of any anthropological project, such as an ethnography also consists of understanding similarities between social systems and human relationships. As one of the foremost anthropologists of the 20th century, Claude Là ©vi-Strauss (1908[2009), onceRead MoreKey Success Factors - Organizational Culture3384 Words   |  14 PagesAn organization, too, has a personality, which we call the organizations culture. Organizational culture is an important situational variable that influence all members of an organization to various degrees, so it is important to have a sound understanding of this construct to manage and work effectively in an organization. In this paper project we want to define organizational culture as it is presented by two theorists, indicate levels of expressions of culture in an organization, and provideRead MoreCommunity Immersion Project2048 Words   |  9 Pagesmight be memories from childhood experiences, or the absence of crime and traffic congestion. There are a variety of reasons why an individual, a family, or a company may be drawn to a particular locale. This paper looks at the shifting of community values as different ethnic groups, at various times, become the predominating culture in the city. I. Identification and General Description of the Community The City of Lynwood is a congested, low-income, and culturally-diverse community nestledRead MoreMyerhoff: An Anthropologist? Essay3813 Words   |  16 Pagesperspective made her successful in representing the people of the Center. In her book, Number the Days, Myerhoff provides readers with an ethnographic analysis of the existence of a culture. After reading the book, I feel that I have a comprehensive understanding of the Center people. Through her descriptions, based on observation, and her recorded dialogues Myerhoff actually offers readers an illustration of this `society. She uses this material to show us the very processes through which her subjectsRead MoreDifferent Approaches to Corporate Reporting Regulation22097 Words   |  89 Pagesregulatory choices and the trade-offs associated with them. I also provide a framework to explain why countries have different reporting regulations. Section 3 highlights that there are interdependencies between various regulatory choices and more generally that there are complementarities between the elements of countries’ institutional infrastructures. That is, in well-functioning economies, institutional elements are chosen to ï ¬ t each other. As a result of these complementarities, it is difï ¬ cult

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