Thursday, November 21, 2019

Foster Care kids Need an education too Research Paper - 1

Foster Care kids Need an education too - Research Paper Example It is estimated that about 542,000 children live temporarily in Foster care as their parents or relatives struggle with drug addiction, alcohol, financial hardship, and illnesses among other difficulties (Anon, 2014). American society has partially failed to some extent especially in providing foster kids with the most fundamental necessities like quality education. Moreover, some of the children in those care units become aged out or ‘emancipated’ thus put into the outside world without any financial, emotional support or a shelter. In 2012 alone, more than 23,439 kids in foster kids were aged out thus ended up being released to the hostile outside world without financial, shelter and emotional support (Soronen, 2014). However, most foster care homes try their level best so as to provide the kids with the most basic necessities including emotional and social support as well as foster their development with regard to providing them with basic education. Such attention is very crucial for them since most of these kids have dealt with mistreatment like neglect and abuse in the past, a factor that affects their development and mental health in a great way (Soronen, 2014). Social and emotional upheavals are among the major factors that affect the quality of education that foster care children get. A significant number of them suffer emotionally and psychologically, a factor that dramatically affects their concentration in school. Studies have shown that kids in foster care experience extraordinary challenges with a significant percentage of them suffering from Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder even more than the veterans who come back from war. Related studies have also shown that about half of the children in these homes brawl with mental fitness challenges resulting from the trauma they have endured (Newton, Litrownik & Landsverk, 2000). This means that schoolteachers and the society in general have a

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